About El Salvador

History and General Information – By: Robyn Sinclair

        The history begins with the tribes of the Maya in the first century B.C .In 1524 is when the settlers began development of El Salvador. In 1524 Pedro de Alvarado conquered El Salvador. Then in 1540 it became a Spanish colony. El Salvador gained independence in 1821. El Salvador becomes part of the united Provinces of Central America in 1823. In 1840 El Salvador becomes fully independent. From 1997 until 1992 they were in a civil war.

           The population of El Salvador is approximately 6,125,512. The language spoken is Spanish. Some of the local industries are La Libertad, Santa Ana, and San Vircente. These industries produce coffee processing plants, sugar mills, vegetable oils, tobacco. Large-scale industries were started in 1960. The currency on El Salvador is the U.S. Dollar. The time zone is central standard time zone there is no daylight savings.

           Some of the attractions in El Salvador consist of El Tunco Beach in La Libertad which is great for surfing. Papagayo Adventures they have tours for volcano’s, history, beaches and of the towns. National Palace offers historical tours and tours of monuments. San Salvador offers adventures of volcanoes and zip lining. Estadio Oscar Quiteno is a multi purpose stadium that was built in 1963.

           The weather in El Salvador is usually nice. The dry season is from November till April also known as Verano which means summer. Invierno which means winter is their rainy season and that is from May to October. Rainy season is usually in the coastal and central region that consists of afternoon storms. The coastal areas, in El Salvador are hot throughout the entire year. In the central plateau, the weather can go from hot to cold extremes but rarely go below 10 degree Celsius. The best time for tourist to travel to El Salvador is March and April. The best time for surfers to go to El Salvador is April to October.


Some interesting facts about El Salvador are it is the third largest economy in Central America. There are currently two active Volcanoes. El Salvador is known as the Land of Volcanoes. The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador. They officially adopted their flag in 1910. The blue stripes of their flag are for unity and the white represents peace. El Salvador is a Catholic Country. 100% of drinking water in El Salvador is not safe for drinking. The crime rate is El Salvador is very high so they precaution tourist to be very careful and not to travel alone.













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